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11 Design Projects For Your Inspiration
The role of the interior designer is to make the home attractive and comfortable space for living.
Visual communication takes place through pictures, graphs, sketches, and visualization. During the design project, you get a complete idea about the appearance of your space.
While working with a small apartment, it becomes clear that the design - it is not only the color, shape and pattern. First and foremost, it is a method of organizing space, which includes the redevelopment of premises and placement of furniture.
To realize the project required a complete set of drawings with a precise calculation of the materials, the placement of electrical, plumbing and furniture .
Project #1
Luxury neoclassical apartment
Luxury neoclassical apartment
In this project, the hall is a great prelude to the rest of this apartment. Marble floors with carved patterns, carved console tables, charming chandeliers and sconces, as well as mirrors and boisery in the wall decor, look elegant in a bright palette of shades. The elegance, nobility and aristocracy of the hall continues with the more elegant and luxurious interior of the living room, which is combined with the dining area. Here are added to the pastel palette of cream and beige shades of dark blue notes in the decoration of windows and upholstery of upholstered furniture. The interior of the bedroom is decorated in a luxurious classic using a cream color range. In the interior of the cabinet there are golden-olive tones. Marble on the floor of the living room and bedroom is supported by magnificent marble fireplaces to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. In the decoration of the walls there are boiserie, sconces and paintings by artists. The space of the house has integrity in its magnificence and elitism.
Project #2
Apartment for a family with 3 children
Family apartment in neoclassical style
This relatively small apartment for a family with 3 children was intended for a summer holiday in the mountains. Despite its small size, the requirement of the apartment owners was the placement of 2 bathrooms and a large living room with a fireplace. The living room is divided into zones and can accommodate a large number of guests. Also, at the request of the owners, there is a window for dispensing from the kitchen to the dining room. The design of the apartment is made in the neoclassical style with the use of materials that are fairly easy to maintain: ceramic tiles on the floor, washable paint for walls, and quartzite worktop in the kitchen.
Project #3
Transitional style apartment
Transitional style apartment
This small apartment for a family with two children is made in transitional style. Transitional design is a modern combination of classic and modern. This is a combination of classic and modern furniture with gold elements, resulting in rooms that are equally masculine and feminine in nature, lightly decorated with accessories, clean, with added structure and a neutral color palette. But the design of this apartment, while remaining neutral in color, allows the furniture lines to occupy a central place.
Textured elements such as wood, glass, varnish, fabric and metal are included in the interior. Limited use of accessories, added only interesting details in order not to distract the view. The effect is mainly achieved by using the right combination of furniture and fabrics.

Project #4
One-bedroom apartment
Soft minimalism apartment
The apartment, located in the club house on the beach, is designed for summer holidays. Panoramic windows of this apartment offer a view of the beautiful seascape. Therefore, the bid was made on an open layout that fills the room with natural light. White and beige shades were chosen as the background, and for contrast natural gray and brown tones. The result was an apartment in a modern respectable style, built on the contrast of concise lines and the use of luxurious materials. Decorative lamps, carpets, expressive decorative elements, all this creates an elegant and at the same time simple and cozy space for living.
Project #5
Two-bedroom loft apartment
Loft-style apartment
This project was an interesting experiment of how you can zonate 2 rooms of 100m2 each, making one kitchen, dining room, living room and gym, and the other turn into a bedroom, dressing room and guest room. The customers had a desire to place a bathroom in the center of the living room and place a bio fireplace at the entrance. And in the bedroom it was necessary to make a place for meditations. For this purpose, a two-level metal structure with glazing was built. To rise to the second level it is possible on a concrete ladder. The bedroom area from the dressing room is separated by a partition of black glass from floor to ceiling.
The combination of gray concrete and black finish is very dramatic. To create a more cozy atmosphere was used piece parquet from a solid oak array as a floor covering.
Project #6
Three-bedroom apartment
Cozy neoclassic
The apartment was originally planned for a family with one child. But in the process of working on this apartment customers found out that they are waiting for the second child. Therefore, the guest room became the second children's room and there is a modern style with bright accents.
Project #7
One-bedroom apartment
Scandinavian style
The apartment was created in Scandinavian style. Starting to create the project of this small apartment, the task was to create a solid, but well-zoned interior with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and dressing room. This was achieved due to the fact that the kitchen and living room areas have a common base - a white brick wall, but each of the zones has distinctions: accents, color and decor.
All built-in furniture is made to order and occupies the entire space from floor to ceiling in height. Thus, one of the main problems of small apartments is solved - the lack of storage space. At the request of the customer, the workplace appeared in the bedroom, but thanks to the color palette it did not turn this place for rest in the office space.
Project #8
Yoga place
Yoga place in loft style
In the process of projection a house was specially designed a separate building for SPA and yoga room. The customer wanted to use natural materials in the decoration of the SPA zone: wood, natural stone, brick. The loft style with the predominance of warm colors matched the task as best as possible. Thus, we got a space filled with plenty of natural light, but at the same time very solitary and conducive to meditation.
Project #9
One-bedroom apartment
Hi-tech apartment
The design of this apartment in the style of hi-tech is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. Despite a fairly simple finish, such as glass, plastic, porcelain stoneware and metal, the project is filled with a large number of technological nuances. The "Smart House" system, a kitchen equipped with novelties of home appliances, built-in furniture, underfloor heating and light control. The living room area is separated from the bedroom area by a partition made of reinforced glass and aluminum. The windows are not covered with curtains, blinds are installed to control the light. Since the customer of the project is engaged in the IT industry and often works from home, the apartment is also equipped with a workplace.
Project #10
Studio apartment
Game of contrasts
The interior of this apartment studio is monochrome but warm and comfortable. Through the use of a variety of finishes and textures, it is not boring. Zoning kitchen accomplished by contrasting the floor with ceramic tile marble. The bedroom area is separated by a decorative wall, and it has a beautiful view of the sea.
Project #11
Apartment in Spain
Timeless classic
This is the interior of a small apartment in Spain, made in a classical style. Make a classic interior in a small space and low ceilings was quite a difficult task. Wooden floors in the living room and bedrooms, combined with warm colors, classical furniture and accessories, have made the atmosphere of this space absolutely inspiring. A golden decor added sophistication to the interior. The design of the hallway and bathroom is made in the same calm, beige tones, which adds warmth and coziness to the overall layout of the apartment.
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